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Small business websites for those that just wants a simple website for your  Lincoln business, or a new worldwide startup business, then we can provide one for just £20 + VAT per month.

Two examples of such websites are provided in the links below.

We of course offer more complex solutions, which are designed to your exact requirements.

The first thing to define is your business reasons for wanting a website. Whilst this may sound obvious, it is still important.

For example is your main strategic objective to achieve more enquiries, or to sell products using an eCommerce online shop.

If you want more enquiries, then the next question we will ask, is in what form? Options include by telephone, online form, and live chat.

The best option will depend on your business circumstances and structure, For example a small Lincoln building company might not want to be having live online chats with prospective new customers, whilst trying to lay Bricks! If your company has a full time secretary or admin assistants, they may on the other hand, be able to also monitor and respond to live website chat, and telephone enquiries.

Every client we work with is different of course, so our approach is to get to know how your business works, and how best to come up with a complimentary web marketing solution.

Once we know how you want to use Internet marketing to help grow your business (more phone enquiries, online sales etc), we work with you to come up with a strategic marketing strategy plan.

To be a successful marketer online, you need to examine your own business, and that of your competitors.

A good initial tool to use is SWOT analysis, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

Firstly we carry out a look at your business in terms of SWOT. Then we understand who your competitors are, in your particular sector.

Of course you may be a larger business with multiple products or even different sectors. We find frameworks, such as the Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) matrix, useful to classify areas of your business. For example the Boston Matrix can identify which parts of your business operations are ‘rising stars’, which the growing parts.

It can also identify where most of your profits are being generated from, the ‘Cash Cows’. The ‘Dogs’ are what we want to avoid, as these are not profitable areas of the business.

However the ‘Dogs’ might be areas that can be improved with a detailed marketing plan, and strategy.

Lets arrange a meeting, and chat about how we can make your business grow further.

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