engineering marketing



We can get your business noticed online, by building you a website, that will help increase your business exposure, and therefore profit margins.

The precise business outcome that you want to achieve will be discussed during our planning meetings.

This allows us to develop a clear focus of attack, for example do you want to sell online, or is your key objective to get people to find your business, and contact you?

Once we know your business objectives, then we can develop marketing strategies that achieve.

Examples of strategy can include competitor analysis using specialist tools to identify how your competitors are performing online. This includes careful analysis of so called ‘keywords’ or phrases that people are typing into search engines to find their products & services.

Being a winner in online marketing is not an instant job, and no digital marketing agency in the world can produce instant results*.    *Unless you want to pay for advertising.

There are two main ways to get your website attracting web traffic, which means visitors in other words.

Firstly,  what is known as ‘organic traffic’, which is achieved using SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

Secondly, by paying for online advertising, on platforms such as Google Adwords, and Facebook Advertising. There is now also Twitter Adverts.