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Digital Marketing basically does what your old fashioned newspaper, magazine and shop window adverts used to effectively do, in the ‘olden days’.

We are as humans, creatures that like visual images, in order to help us understand what something is about. The old saying ‘ a picture paints a thousand words’, is very true.

So does that mean that you should adopt a ‘ marketing mix’, that mainly focuses on visual digital marketing, such as video and photos?

The answer is not as simple as that, due to search engines, primarily Google (as they are market leader).

Google uses things called ‘algorithms’ to determine which websites should appear first when an internet user searches for something online.

These algorithms regularly change, which is done by Google to improve the quality of search results, and to ‘weed out’ unfair practices that may have developed by web publishers, to try and enhance their websites position in the search engine.

So why am I talking about Google Algorithms in an article about Visual Digital Marketing, well let me explain.

Google Algorithms mainly read plain text from websites.

Photos and videos are harder (though Google is improving) for search engine companies to understand.

The search engine algorithms that Google uses are automated processes, and there is no human interaction.

In the fairly early days of the Internet there was a search engine that tried to have humans reviewing the published content (I will remember the name of it in a minute).

This however is time consuming and impracticable in this day and age.

Google and other search engines use things called ‘bots’.

Bots scan webpages on the internet for content, and categorize and index it.

A Marketing Strategy purely focusing on visual photos (fotos) and video content alone, is not the most effective way to market online.

We suggest a strategy that uses a mix of visual (human friendly) content, combined with comprehensive and interesting text based content too.

For example by having a video presence on Youtube and Vimeo, and having text transcripts of those videos published online.

Online Video with a text based version of the content also available on a web page not only helps with been discovered by search engines, but also enables more ways to be accessed.

Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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