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Digital Engineering Marketing Training For Success

We offer digital engineering marketing training courses to help equip your engineering workforces of today and the future. Training courses include online business marketing, running an eccomerce business, and Internet of Things systems. As well as  providing online training courses, we can deliver custom  training at your premises, tailored to your business requirements.

Digital Marketing

Yesway Digital are confident experts in digital marketing, having successfully built and operated technology business websites for over ten years. Our experience and training are second to none, and we can tailor digital marketing training, to your specific business requirements.

Website Management Training

With over ten years direct experience in managing ecommerce and company websites, we can up-skill your employees, quickly and effectively. Our skilled trainers have hand-on experience in all aspects, from server management, to content management. Strategic Marketing Our trainer has a degree in technology marketing, including strategic marketing. He also has over 20 years experience of online website building, and practical online marketing. In addition the business started out as an eCommerce way back in 2007, so has had to continually adapt and relearn over that period. One reason for our commitment to constant learning, is Google regularly changes its search algorithms. Search algorithms matter because they are what determines which websites appear at the top of the search listings. This matters because if you are not appearing on the first page of google, you are likely to be getting a lot less visitors. The way to get onto the first page of google has changed over the years, and using 2003 search engine optimisation tactics, will likely be considered ‘black hat’. Black hat is bad, and can even result in your site being banned from search listings.

Social Media UseTraining

We understand our Twitter from our Instagram, and our training approach  is to focus on Brand development and promotion. Social Media is not just about putting out content (though important), it is also about communicating with existing, and potential customers. Do you know what your customers are saying about you, behind your back? This is where Social Media monitoring comes in, as bad news spreads fast, so you need to deal with any complaints, or even slander being made by annoyed customers through Social Media platforms. Of course we offer training and solutions, to help maintain a good reputation online.

Schools Training

Not only do we provide Digital Training services to industry, but we also have trainers with years of schools and college experience. As a UK based training provider we are registered with the UK Register Of Learning providers (UKRLP). Give us a call to arrange a meeting, and to discuss your specific requirements. Call: 0800 832 1618


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