Tips For Using Twitter Promoted Tweets

Using Twitter Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are a feature of Twitter that allows you to show your tweets to more people, by paying Twitter.

What this means in reality, is that you select a tweet to be promoted, and pay Twitter to put your tweet on peoples screens, in between similar non paid for tweets, by other people.

This can be a great way to promote a new product or service, and once you have set it up, the promoted tweets are displayed automatically , until the agreed cost spend is reached.

The title of this piece says there are tips, so here is one for starters.

A good way we have found to decide which tweet to promote, if you are on a limited budget, is to look at which ones have ‘organically’ been popular.

What we mean by organic tweets, are those that you have tweeted, but which you did not pay to promote.

This is easy to determine, by looking back through your Twitter history, and seeing which tweets most people ‘liked’, or replied to.

Obviously if you are launching a new product, then this strategy won’t work, as its not suitable for your objectives.

However, as a way of increasing Brand Awareness, the strategy of promoting your most popular tweets, is a valid one.

Below is a screenshot of the engagement statistics from the first ever tweet that we paid Twitter to promote.

As you can see, we received 53 likes, and the promoted tweet was seen over 6000 times.

This helps build brand awareness, and the use of (hopefully) witty language helps to engage viewers.

You will also notice that only one person clicked on the link. The reason for this was that we did not provide a specific URL, or web link, for people to click.

Therefore the promoted tweet could be made even more effective by adding a link to a page, on our website.

Be specific as to what you want your promoted tweet to achieve. We can of course help you decide.

This article did have ‘tips’ (plural) in the title, so heres a second tip:-

If you have a personal Twitter account, then why not retweet the promoted tweet (also applies to normal ‘Organic’ tweets), using your personal Twitter account.

Therefore by using your personal Twitter account as well, you are spreading your marketing message to your personal followers, who may well retweet to their followers.

Twitter Promoted Tweets


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Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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