Confidence to be Different

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Confidence Being tnereffiD (different backwards)

You are a uniquely different and special individual, and so is your business, so have the confidence to be different.

Have you considered being adventurous and bold with your marketing?

Whilst its true that there are advertising standards and cultural rules to be obeyed in many countries, its those who dare to be different, that get noticed.

Lets look at an example of cars driving along your local road.

I bet you couldn’t name the makes of the last five cars that went down your road, unless you had consciously made the decision to memorise them.

However, what if a 1950s American Cadillac car drove slowly down your road, with its huge V8 engine, making a deep burbling sound from the exhaust pipe (muffler).

I bet you would notice that car!

Your business needs to be that Cadillac, not a forgettable hatchback!

Learning from Politics

Politics is a controversial subject, but we can learn a lot from recent events, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Short catchy slogans, such as ‘surrender bill’, or ‘lock her up’ may not be pleasant, but they are memorable.

A good example in the Uk was the Brexit referendum, where the leave campaign totally whipped the arse of the remain campaign, by their use of catchy and easy to understand messages.

In fact as a then remain voter, who also has a degree in international technology marketing, I could not believe at the time, that the government backed remain campaign ignored effective marketing techniques.

The same happened during the recent UK general election, where easy to understand three word slogans like ‘Get Brexit Done’ , were memorable to the public.

Now what are you thinking about after reading the last paragraph?

More importantly, what are you feeling?

You see marketing is a lot to do with feelings, rather than thinking.

Having the confidence to be different and bold in the marketing of your business, must appeal to both heart (feelings) and head.


Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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