Social Media

social media can help build new customer trust

Social Media Helps Gain Business

Social media can be an effective tool to promote your business to your target market.

The days of businesses just telling people about their product, are over.

These days it is much more effective to engage with your customers, in a two way conversation.

Social media allows this engagement, and when done properly, can help build trust between  potential customers, and your business.

Social Media Platforms

There are many social media platforms, and it can be hard to know which one (s) are most effective.

We help your business effectively use social media to engage and educate your target audience.

Depending on your type of business, and customer profile, we will engage with customers, using the most appropriate social media platform.


Facebook has been around since 2004, and has grown into an important asset for the business marketer.

As well as paid for Facebook advertising, in which a business pays for their advert to appear, there are other great reasons to use Facebook as part of your business marketing strategy.

Facebook allows a business to gain followers, and communicate news about the business.

It also allows feedback from the public, which is why it should be actively managed, and checked regularly.

If your business is in a particular niche, then why not start a group on Facebook, where like minded people that are interested in the same things, can discuss the topic.

The above examples have only scratched the surface, as to why promoting your business on Facebook, is a great idea.

We can of course help with all aspects of Facebook, for your business.


Twitter has been around as a social media platform since 2006, and is great for telling the world the news, relating to your company.

Like Facebook, Twitter allows paid for advertising by businesses, as well as offering free posting of information.

We are able to set up your twitter account, and manage it, if required. Contact us for help, including one-to-one training.


Instagram has existed since 2010, and is a photo sharing social media platform.


Linkedin is aimed at business and employment, however also allows businesses to create their own profile.

This can help attract potential candidates that you may want to employ, and can also be used for demonstrating business expertise.

Business expertise can be shown, by publishing articles that educate others, about your area of business.


Pinterest is a great way for people to discover information.

The platform mainly uses photos, Gifs (graphics) and Video, and therefore can be an effective way for some types of business to increase awareness of the products they offer.


Youtube is an online video platform owned by Google.

It is an important way to build customer interest in your business, and video marketing has grown rapidly in the last couple of years.

Youtube allows you to create a business channel, and can be an important marketing tool.

We can film, edit, and upload your youtube videos, and also offer full youtube channel management.


Google+ is a social platform offered by Google, that we have found is a great way to promote your business.

With Google+, you can upload information on upcoming events, offers, and also images of products or even what your business is doing.

We can set up, and manage your Google+ profile.

Call: (0800) 8321618 to get your business seen more online.

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