Simple Video Advert Showing What A Company Does

Simple Video Advert

This simple, but effective video advert was produced for our sister company, and is a simple introduction to what the company does, using some of its technology skills to produce a moving LCD display.

A nice soundtrack, or voice over can be added, to give the viewer additional information.

This could type of video be incorporated into the front page, or relevant product page of your company website.

We can not only film it, but embed the video into a custom website, and also promote the video on social media.

Yesway Digital has experience in producing business video originating in 2004, and Digital marketing experience going back to 1997, when our staff wrote their first website in HTML code.

Our video experience also includes wedding films, dancing concert performances, and business interviews.

This experience combined with our Technology Marketing degree qualification, and 20 years online marketing experience, makes us the ideal choice for promoting your business.

Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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