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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is a way of getting visitors to your website, without paying advertising charges.

Search Engine Optimisation basically consists of making web page content and whole websites attractive to search engines like google.

The more attractive  your web page, the higher your webpage will appear in  google search results, this is known as ‘ranking’.

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There a  good ways of achieving a high search engine ranking, and bad ways.

The good ways are commonly referred to in the SEO world as ‘white hat’ seo techniques.

The bad ways are known as ‘black hat’.

Examples of  ‘black  hat’ seo techniques include ‘keyword stuffing’ and paying for low quality links to your website.

Using ‘black hat’ techniques no longer works, and can actually result in your site being removed from search results.

Basically google and other search engine regard it as cheating, and take a dim view.

What Google wants

There have been a number of changes over the years in the way that google decides, which websites should be at the top of search results.

These changes are due to changes in google algorithms, which are regularly tweaked and updated.

Google algorithm updates tend to have unusual  names such as ‘penguin’ , and can result in a website either going up, or down search engine positions (rankings).

What google is looking for is quality relavant information to show its customers who use its earch engine.

Therefore you should focus on providing this for your website.

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search engine optimisation
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