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Internet Marketing Consultant help for your business from experienced expert consultants.

We first designed a website back in 1997, while taking a short break from writing a degree dissertation on the threats to the UK Post Office from Email and the Internet.

Since then we have gained not only experience in Internet Marketing, but added to our knowledge and experience gained through having studied a honours technology marketing degree.

Following gaining a technology marketing honours degree our founder taught marketing to A level students, and eventually founded his own ecommerce business in 2007.

Theres nothing like experience. Having learned from the successes and challenges experienced while running his first ecommerce business in 2007 onwards, our founder (Craig) is ready to assist your business to success.

We offer a high quality personalised service, tailored to your business, and its ultimate objectives.

For example, do you wish to receive more phone enquiries, or would you like to sell your products online?

Who is your target market?  This is important, as everyone has one, and many businesses make the mistake of thinking that everyone is their target customer.

How many customers do you want buying from your online shop?   For every hundred visitors, you may only have one or two purchasing a product from you on that occasion.

Using the cleverness of the Internet, we can make your advert follow the visitor around the Internet, so they are reminded of who you are, and what you sell. This encourages them to come back to your site at a later date, and is useful, as they may have left your website to compare similar products and prices on competitor sites.

Are you a new business startup, requiring a helping hand in understanding the issues and requirements to attract customers and operate a business? Again we can help with one-to-one help and advice.

If you don’t know your ‘credit card integration’ from your ‘call to action’,

Give us a call on: 0800 832 1618.

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