engineering marketing

Search Engines

Web Site Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation companies sprang up a few years ago. These companies promised to get websites to the top of search engines. These search engines included Bing & Yahoo, however in the UK the main prize is Google, as it handles over 80% of internet searches. Therefore ensuring that your website is …

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Your Customers

Targeting and Pricing Strategy Who are your ideal customers? Some people such as your average small business might answer EVERYONE. Well in the case of an average high street business, such as a hairdresser, that might be true. Second question, why do they use your services? In the case of the hairdresser, they might say …

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One consideration when designing a product is the MTBF, or Mean Time Between Failure. Basically this is how long the product is designed to last for. Individual component parts within a design, will each have MTBF ratings by their manufacturers, and the lowest MTBF time will be the design weakest link, as it is likely …

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