The Confidence to be tnereffiD (Different)

You are a unique and special individual, and so is your business, so why do you play it safe with your marketing?

Whilst its true that there are advertising standards and cultural rules to be obeyed in many countries, its those who dare to be different, that get noticed.

Lets look at an example of cars driving along your local road.

I bet you couldn’t name the makes of the last five cars that went down your road, unless you had consciously made the decision to memorise them.

However, what if a 1950s American Cadillac car drove slowly down your road, with its huge V8 engine, making a deep burbling sound from the exhaust pipe (muffler).

I bet you would notice that car!

Your business needs to be that Cadillac, not an forgettable hatchback!

Visual Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing basically does what your old fashioned newspaper, magazine and shop window adverts used to effectively do, in the ‘olden days’.

We are as humans, creatures that like visual images, in order to help us understand what something is about. The old saying ‘ a picture paints a thousand words’, is very true.

So does that mean that you should adopt a ‘ marketing mix’, that mainly focuses on visual digital marketing, such as video and photos?

The answer is not as simple as that, due to search engines, primarily Google (as they are market leader).

Google uses things called ‘algorithms’ to determine which websites should appear first when an internet user searches for something online.

These algorithms regularly change, which is done by Google to improve the quality of search results, and to ‘weed out’ unfair practices that may have developed by web publishers, to try and enhance their websites position in the search engine.

So why am I talking about Google Algorithms in an article about Visual Digital Marketing, well let me explain.

Google Algorithms mainly read plain text from websites.

Photos and videos are harder (though Google is improving) for search engine companies to understand.

The search engine algorithms that Google uses are automated processes, and there is no human interaction.

In the fairly early days of the Internet there was a search engine that tried to have humans reviewing the published content (I will remember the name of it in a minute).

This however is time consuming and impracticable in this day and age.

Google and other search engines use things called ‘bots’.

Bots scan webpages on the internet for content, and categorize and index it.

A Marketing Strategy purely focusing on visual photos (fotos) and video content alone, is not the most effective way to market online.

We suggest a strategy that uses a mix of visual (human friendly) content, combined with comprehensive and interesting text based content too.

For example by having a video presence on Youtube and Vimeo, and having text transcripts of those videos published online.

Online Video with a text based version of the content also available on a web page not only helps with been discovered by search engines, but also enables more ways to be accessed.

Marketing Companies Near Me

Marketing Companies Near Me

You have probably found this page when searching for marketing companies near me, which proves the power of digital marketing.

The Internet is by definition global, and we can help your business gain more enquiries from it, even on a global scale.

Our experience as a marketing company, is extensive.

Why not browse our website, by following this homepage link, and then selecting the menu.

Or call us on (0800) 8321618, for a chat.

Web Marketing

Web Marketing Services

We provide a full web marketing service, including  marketing management , competitor analysis and strategic planning.

Our objectives are to make your business more successful, by obtaining more enquiries.

Our experience of designing and building marketing led websites stretches back a long time (over 20 years), and we continue to hone our skills. We are continually learning, and never rest on our laurels.

This is why we passionately believe we should be part of your winning business team, driving success for your company.

Helping You Succeed in Web Marketing

Web Marketing has gradually taken over from traditional forms of advertising, such as the ‘yellow pages’, over the last twenty years. We have been involved in web marketing and design, since the 1990s.

It is constantly evolving and changing, and it is a challenge for business owners to keep up with the changes.

Keeping your business in front is what we do, so you can focus on your business.

How we help you with Web Marketing Success

We help your business, by really understanding your objectives, and then create a positive strategy to move you to the next level.

Web marketing is about enabling your business to increase sales and enquiries.

Increased success is defined by the meeting with you in person or via Skype, and planning what success is, and how to achieve it.

How Long Does Web Marketing Take, before we see results?

The guarantee we can give you, is that we will work very hard to achieve outstanding results, as soon as possible.

There are ways of achieving your web marketing objectives quickly, and other methods which will prove cheaper, but take time to establish.

We have worked in Web Marketing a long time, so will advise you of the best options to achieve fantastic gains in business.


We have been developing and running eCommerce websites since 2007, and can advise you on the various options.

An example of what we can produce for you, is found by clicking here

Call us to book an appointment, on (0800) 832 1618, or complete the contact form below.

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search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is a way of getting visitors to your website, without paying advertising charges.

Search Engine Optimisation basically consists of making web page content and whole websites attractive to search engines like google.

The more attractive  your web page, the higher your webpage will appear in  google search results, this is known as ‘ranking’.

Digital marketing

There a  good ways of achieving a high search engine ranking, and bad ways.

The good ways are commonly referred to in the SEO world as ‘white hat’ seo techniques.

The bad ways are known as ‘black hat’.

Examples of  ‘black  hat’ seo techniques include ‘keyword stuffing’ and paying for low quality links to your website.

Using ‘black hat’ techniques no longer works, and can actually result in your site being removed from search results.

Basically google and other search engine regard it as cheating, and take a dim view.

What Google wants

There have been a number of changes over the years in the way that google decides, which websites should be at the top of search results.

These changes are due to changes in google algorithms, which are regularly tweaked and updated.

Google algorithm updates tend to have unusual  names such as ‘penguin’ , and can result in a website either going up, or down search engine positions (rankings).

What google is looking for is quality relavant information to show its customers who use its earch engine.

Therefore you should focus on providing this for your website.

For specific expert help, such as analysing why you website is not performing well, please get in touch.

Telephone:  (0800) 832 1618




How to get Owncloud Cloud Storage for my business

How To Get Owncloud Cloud Storage

Owncloud is a piece of  cloud storage software that enables storage of your business files, in a remote location.

Owncloud can be installed online in the ‘cloud’,  on an office server, or even a hybrid combination of cloud and office based server.

Owncloud comes in two versions, the first is ‘open source’, which means it is free to download. The second option is a paid for supported option, from the company behind it.

The link to the own cloud website is here

Yesway Digital’ offers business users a fully managed and hosted option, giving you secure private storage of your files, photos and data, ‘off site’.

Get in touch with you requirements, and we will provide a cost effective cloud storage solution.

Our prices start at £20 / month, for a 1GB of secure storage.

We use owncloud ourselves, and can provide you with a no obligation demo account, to try out the cloud storage system, for yourself.

We use owncloud to store photos and video clips, that we have produced as part of our marketing material.

Your data will be stored on professionally managed, UK based servers,  in secure data centres.

Call: 0800 832 1618


Idea Generation

One of our gifts is creative idea generation.

This includes thinking of catchy slogans for your business adverts.

We can be witty or serious, its up to you to advise us.

Then let us come up with ideas, for slogans and even for business names.

We are here to help you with creative ideas.

Sign up to our Gold Service package for only £100 / month , and  get our help with coming up with slogans and marketing messages, as part of the package.

Handfasting Videos

Handfasting Videos

Handfasting as an alternative to the traditional wedding service, is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

The service normally takes place outside at a beautiful place, such as the Brecon Beacons.

Twelve years ago, Craig from YeswayDigital was privileged to be asked to film his first handfasting, which took place on the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

The ceremony started with the couple, and their friends and family coming down the hill, and into the valley.

This was captured by the film, as they first appeared in the distance, and gradually came towards where the camera was located, which was where the ceremony took place.

The handfasting was unobtrusively captured by the video, and captured the spirit of the event.

In the evening, a party was held in the countryside, which included  a campfire, and musicians playing on the fiddle and drums, into the night.

This celebratory party was also captured, as part of our wedding video service, and is a really special reminder of the evening celebrations.

The video was expertly edited, and put onto dvd (though it can also be encoded for the internet).

The dvd cover was also custom designed by our team, and still photos were also made from the video film.

To see an example of our handfasting video work, please get in touch, as we have not put it online, for the couples privacy.

We are able to film your handfasting,  from £500 + VAT, which includes three copies of the finished dvd.

Is your Company Name Rude Abroad?

Is your Company Name Rude Abroad?

Of course its not rude i hear you cry, we are a wholesome family friendly business.

Are you quite sure about that?

The reason I mention this in todays blog post, is that there have been a number of ‘gaffes’ over the years by even large companies, such as Toyota & Disney.

The reason for this is because we obviously have multiple languages in the world, and what might sound like a perfectly innocent brand name in one country, region or culture, night not elsewhere.

Its not always the spelling thats the problem necessarily.

Toyota used to make a sports car called the ‘MR2’. It was called the MR2 in most markets, except France.

This was because when you said MR2 in French, it sounded like a rude word.

Whilst a mistake like this might have been an embarrassment, just imagine the brand damage you could do, if you offended a religion or culture, by your unfortunate brand name.

It is therefore wise to consult local expertise when entering a new ‘foreign’ market, to ensure that your brand is not damaged, even before it becomes established in the new market.