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Magento Development Services for Online Commerce

We offer Magento development services and online marketing expertise.

Magento is an eCommerce solution, now owned by Adobe.

Prices for a Magento online shop,  based on the community version of Magento, start from £10,000 + VAT.

For a typical Magento website package, the price will be around £40,000 (+ VAT).

Magento development services  to clients, irrespective of their geographical location.

Magento has been around for roughly 12 years, and is arguably the leading platform for scaling up an online business.

Magento comes in two versions, one paid for, and the other an ‘open source community edition’.

The open source community edition is made available, as Magento was originally an ‘Open Source’ project.

With Open Source software, the basic software  code is free, and companies pay developers to customise it to their business requirements.

An example of a basic Magento site, can be found by clicking here 

The above site example is running on Magento 2, which was released in 2015.

Existing users of magento 1 should be aware that support patches  will cease to be provided from June 2020.

This means that users of Magento 1 should upgrade to Magento 2 by June 2020, to ensure their site does not become vulnerable to malicious hackers.

Marketing Expertise

We aren’t just Magento developers, but degree qualified experts in technology marketing.

Our academic studies are backed up with real world experience in both the online marketing world, and also industry.

Since our employees have been working in online marketing since graduating in 1997, we are experienced in what works, and what doesn’t.

This however does not mean that we rest on our laurels, as search engines such as Google are regularly updating and changing their search algorithms.

This means that what worked in online marketing in 2003 or even 2013, won’t be a good strategy for promoting your Magento, or any website in 2019.

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