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Job Vacancies

What can you offer? We are always open to individuals with fresh ideas and skills, to continue our expansion. Tell us more about you. We don’t believe in traditional job vacancies, as they try to pigeon hole a person into a role. Instead tell us why you are unique, and why that matters to us also. OK, so heres some guidance on some of the types of skills we are looking for:-

  • Facebook advertising whizzkids
  • Twitter twits
  • Snapchat snappers
  • Whatsapp???????
  • People who can write good content, any english teachers want some extra work?
  • Artistic types, that can draw and illustrate
  • SEO experts, fed up working with no support
  • Anyone who thinks they want to work with us, as long as its mutually beneficial.

Get in touch, whats the  worst that can happen?

Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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