Is Your Brand Name Rude Abroad?

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Is your brand rude abroad, is a question you may not have thought about.

It is however a question that you should take time to consider.

When I originally gained my degree in Technology Marketing, back in the 1990s, the Internet was still quite new.

Indeed it was not even mentioned in the recommended course text books, that I read at the time.

What was mentioned however, was the importance of making sure that a brand name is not rude, or offensive in other countries.

The rise in the use of the internet since the early days, has meant that this advice is as relevant as ever.

You may think that you are a local business, but the internet has made you an international one too.

Whilst it is possible to block IP addresses from certain countries, you may be surprised, just how far away your website visitors are.

Tools such as Google Analytics, and AWStats, show where people are visiting from, and it can be a real eye opener.

So back to why its important to make sure that your brand name is acceptable.

Well the classic text book example is from the car company Toyota, who launched a car called the ‘MR2’.

It was a nice sporty two seater car, but was not so sexy and cool in France.

The reason for this, was the name ‘MR2’, which when it was said out loud, sounded like the French word for ‘S*it’.

Therefore Toyota had to change the name of the MR2 for the French market, soon after the cars launch.

Pre-launch research into what the name sounded like in other languages, could have saved the brand some embarrassment.

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Written by: Creative Engineering Blog | Craig Miles

Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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