Idea Generation

Marketing Idea Generation

One of our gifts within Yesway Digital,  is creative idea generation.

Our creative minds are naturally good at thinking of catchy memorable words and slogans, for your business.

Creative words can be brainstormed for company names, product names, and effective advertising campaigns.

More than ever the right company name or advertising slogan is crucial. This is because every business with a website, is potentially international.

Whilst it is technically possible to restrict access to your website (and hence your business) from particular countries, an outward looking growth business, will want maximum exposure.

You need to be careful not to offend your customers though.

Offending customers might happen by choosing a brand name that sounds great in your particular home country, but offensive abroad.

We can be witty or serious, its up to you to advise us, and we will get to work with idea generation.

The idea generation process takes into account the type of business and the target market.

We work with you to understand what makes your business unique, and generate ideas to reflect and enhance.

Generating ideas is done by a number of methods and techniques.

Group brainstorming are one great way, though more unusual methods include having a shower, or going for a  walk.

Walking is a great way to idea generate, as exercise and nature, stimulate the senses.

A tip for coming up with ideas, is to think of words that sound similar to other words.

If you find it hard to do in your head, then write down as many words that sound similar on paper.

Use whatever idea method suits you best.

Sign up to our ‘Aim for the Stars‘ package for only £100 / month , and  get our help with coming up with slogans and marketing messages, as part of the package.

Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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