Why I put My Blog At The Top Of The Site Menu

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Why I put My Blog At The Top Of The Site Menu

If you select the drop down menu on this site, you will notice that the blog tab is at the top.

The reason for doing this, when many websites put their blog link near the bottom, is simple. Providing value to site visitors.

In the pre-marketing age before the second world war, manufacturers would produce a product, and consumers would buy it to fulfill a need.

The concept of differentiating a product or service to appeal to a particular target market. had not yet started to happen.

Following the war, companies increasingly realised that in a competitive marketplace, they needed to make their products more appealing than the competition. This is when marketing really took off.

The trouble is, marketing became a victim of its own success, with so many marketing messages being seen every day, that people started to ignore them.

We are now entering a new phase in marketing, one which is being driven by the Internet search engines.

People are now actively searching for products and services when they choose to.

If a potential customer visits your website, its human nature to be cautious about who they will be dealing with.

Therefore, to have a successful online presence, you need to build confidence in the potential customer, about your business.

What better way to build trust than provide useful information to visitors.

This therefore is why we have put our blog link prominently at the top of the menu tab. we want to provide information, that hopefully they will find useful.

This also will enable potential customers to get to know us, and hopefully get in contact with us.

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Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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