How to get Owncloud Cloud Storage for my business

Hosted Secure Cloud storage services for business, based on owncloud

How To Get Owncloud Cloud Storage

Owncloud is a piece of  cloud storage software that enables storage of your business files, in a remote location.

Owncloud can be installed online in the ‘cloud’,  on an office server, or even a hybrid combination of cloud and office based server.

Owncloud comes in two versions, the first is ‘open source’, which means it is free to download. The second option is a paid for supported option, from the company behind it.

The link to the own cloud website is here

Yesway Digital’ offers business users a fully managed and hosted option, giving you secure private storage of your files, photos and data, ‘off site’.

Get in touch with you requirements, and we will provide a cost effective cloud storage solution.

Our prices start at £20 / month, for a 1GB of secure storage.

We use owncloud ourselves, and can provide you with a no obligation demo account, to try out the cloud storage system, for yourself.

We use owncloud to store photos and video clips, that we have produced as part of our marketing material.

Your data will be stored on professionally managed, UK based servers,  in secure data centres.

Call: 0800 832 1618


Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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