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Digital marketing training for engineers, is essential in the modern world.

As engineers ourselves, who previously worked as engineers, we know that it can seem like an alien skillset.

However the key thing to remember, is that digital marketing gets better results, when you just promote your passion.

You’ll be pleased to learn that marketing doesn’t have to be about slick sales people, in flashy suits.

In fact the modern trend in marketing, is to encourage potential customers to contact you, by first providing helpful information online.

After all, the web is totally different to the old ways of local face to face relationship building.

So the next question you may be asking, is how do I build a relationship with potential customers online?

The answer is by providing them with useful information, that both helps and educates them.

This could be in the form of a website blog post, a twitter post, or even a YouTube video.

But how do you measure the effectiveness of each online platform?

Well fortunately there are analytics tools available, including some that are built into social media platforms.

YouTube for example, has tools that allow you to analyse the characteristics of your visitors.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is an excellent platform for promoting what your engineering business does.

Visitors to YouTube, are often looking for advice, which can solve a problem they have, so if you can solve their problem, you gain trust.

Of course some people will take your advice, and use it to solve their own problems, however others will be looking for advice, and answers.

It is this second group of people, that could potentially become future customers of your engineering business.

If for example you produce car parts, then YouTube is an ideal platform to explain to potential customers, about your product.

You could for example show a practical braking demonstration of the superior effectiveness of your brake pads, compared to cheap unbranded ones off eBay.

You could also offer technical information on why the compound in your pads, means shorter stopping distances for your potential customers.

Of course, you want your YouTube engineering videos to look fantastic, and we can help train you, or produce them for you instead.

You will be trained by Craig, who has experience of filming corporate video, going back to 2004.

YouTube isn’t the only online channel platform you can use for video. Twitter for example, whilst primarily known as a microblogging social media platform, can also be used to showcase engineering video content.

Digital marketing training for engineers , can be tailored to your specific company requirements.

Marketing training can be delivered online or in-house, at your premises.

Lets get together, and design an effective marketing plan, that will promote your engineering business, and get results.

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Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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