Is your Company Name Rude Abroad?

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Is your Company Name Rude Abroad?

Of course our company name is not rude i hear you cry, we are a wholesome family friendly business.

Are you quite sure about that?

The reason I mention this in todays blog post, is that there have been a number of ‘gaffes’ over the years by even large companies, such as Toyota & Disney.

The gaffes were not their company name, but their products name.

The reason for this is because we obviously have multiple languages in the world, and what might sound like a perfectly innocent brand name in one country, region or culture, night not elsewhere.

Its not always the spelling thats the problem necessarily.

Toyota used to make a sports car called the ‘MR2’. It was called the MR2 in most markets, except France.

This was because when you said MR2 in French, it sounded like a rude word.

Whilst a mistake like this might have been an embarrassment, just imagine the brand damage you could do, if you offended a religion or culture, by your unfortunate brand name.

It is therefore wise to consult local expertise when entering a new ‘foreign’ market, to ensure that your brand is not damaged, even before it becomes established in the new market.

Craig Miles: Marketing & Tech at Yesway Digital.
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