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slept analysis

SLEPT Analysis

What is SLEPT analysis SLEPT analysis is another tool that marketers can use to analyse the target market they are considering entering. SLEPT analysis stands for Social, Legal, Economic, Political & Technological. Social Legal Economic Political Technological Social refers to changes in consumer attitudes and preferences. These will vary depending on the geographic market you …

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web marketing

Web Marketing

Service Services We provide a full web marketing service, including  marketing management , competitor analysis and strategic planning. Our objectives are to make your business more successful, by obtaining more enquiries. Our experience of designing and building marketing led websites stretches back a long time (over 20 years), and we continue to hone our skills. …

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Internet marketing

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is a way of getting visitors to your website, without paying advertising charges. Search Engine Optimisation basically consists of making web page content and whole websites attractive to search engines like google. The more attractive  your web page, the higher your webpage will appear in  google …

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