A UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) is a unique 10-digit identifier assigned to all providers of higher and further education in the United Kingdom. It is issued by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and is used to identify providers on various government databases, including the UK Register of Learning Providers. The UKPRN is used to track funding, monitor compliance, and report on performance for providers of education and training. It’s also used to identify providers of apprenticeship training and to ensure that the funding for apprenticeship training goes to the correct provider.

A training provider’s UKPRN is used to identify them in various government systems, such as the apprenticeship service, the individual learning record, and the register of apprenticeship training providers. The UKPRN is also used in funding claims, data returns and reports. Employers and learners can use the UKPRN to check if a training provider is approved and eligible to deliver apprenticeship training

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Training Needs Assessment of New Apprentices

To assess the training needs of new apprentices, it is important to first identify their current skill level and experience in the field.

This can be done through pre-apprenticeship testing or interviews.

It is also important to understand their learning style and preferences, as well as any specific accommodations that may be needed.

Once this information is gathered, a training plan can be developed that addresses the individual needs of each apprentice and sets clear goals and expectations for their development.

Regular evaluations and progress check-ins should also be conducted to monitor the apprentices’ progress and adjust the training plan as necessary.

Radio Link Budget Training

A radio link budget is a calculation used to predict the performance of a radio communication link.

It takes into account various parameters such as the transmitter power, receiver sensitivity, antenna gains, path loss, and any additional losses that may occur in the system.

The budget is used to ensure that the link will meet the required performance specifications, such as signal-to-noise ratio, bit error rate, and coverage area.

The link budget calculation starts with the transmitter power, and then subtracts the losses that occur in the system, such as cable loss, connector loss, filter loss, and so on.

Then the signal is received by the antenna, and the antenna gain is added. The signal then passes through the atmosphere and the terrain, and the path loss is subtracted.

Finally, the signal reaches the receiver and the receiver sensitivity is subtracted.

The final result of the link budget calculation is the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver.

The SNR is a measure of the quality of the received signal, and it is used to determine if the link will meet the required performance specifications.

If the SNR is not sufficient, adjustments can be made to the system, such as increasing the transmitter power or using a more sensitive receiver.

The link budget calculation is essential for the design and installation of radio systems, in particular for long-range wireless communication systems such as cellular networks, satellite communication systems, microwave links, etc.

It is also important for troubleshooting existing systems to identify and solve problems.

Three Phase Induction Motor Training

Three-phase induction motors are a type of electrical motor that use a three-phase power supply to generate a rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field induces an electromotive force (EMF) in the stator winding of the motor, causing the rotor to rotate and generate mechanical power.

Three-phase induction motors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications because of their ruggedness, reliability, and efficiency. They can be classified into two types: squirrel cage and wound rotor. Squirrel cage motors are the most common type and have a rotor made of a cage of conducting bars, while wound rotor motors have a rotor made of coils of wire.

One of the main advantages of three-phase induction motors is that they are self-starting, meaning that they can generate their own starting torque and will start to rotate as soon as power is applied to the stator windings. Additionally, they have a high power factor and are relatively inexpensive to manufacture.

Three-phase induction motors are also known as asynchronous motors because the rotor rotates at a slightly slower speed than the rotating magnetic field in the stator. This difference in speed is known as slip, and it is a necessary aspect of the operation of the motor.

Overall, Three-phase induction motors are widely used in industrial and commercial applications due to their durability, reliability, and efficiency. They are self-starting, have a high power factor and are relatively inexpensive to manufacture.

Market Positioning Your Engineering Business


Positioning is crucial for a successful engineering marketing strategy, and is an important first step in developing a marketing plan.

What we mean by positioning, is a clear idea of the types of clients and customers, that they wish to attract.

When thinking about your companies positioning in the market, you will find it useful to ask the following questions:

What markets is the business operating in, and why did the business chose to enter that market?

What expertise does the business have in this market, and what are its key strengths?

Can we prove that the companies expertise is relevant to the markets, they operate in, and is it valuable?

Proof that the companies in house expertise is valuable in the market, can consist of case studies of previous solutions provided to clients. How did you improve your clients business?


Is Your Brand Name Rude Abroad?

Is your brand rude abroad, is a question you may not have thought about.

It is however a question that you should take time to consider.

When I originally gained my degree in Technology Marketing, back in the 1990s, the Internet was still quite new.

Indeed it was not even mentioned in the recommended course text books, that I read at the time.

What was mentioned however, was the importance of making sure that a brand name is not rude, or offensive in other countries.

The rise in the use of the internet since the early days, has meant that this advice is as relevant as ever.

You may think that you are a local business, but the internet has made you an international one too.

Whilst it is possible to block IP addresses from certain countries, you may be surprised, just how far away your website visitors are.

Tools such as Google Analytics, and AWStats, show where people are visiting from, and it can be a real eye opener.

So back to why its important to make sure that your brand name is acceptable.

Well the classic text book example is from the car company Toyota, who launched a car called the ‘MR2’.

It was a nice sporty two seater car, but was not so sexy and cool in France.

The reason for this, was the name ‘MR2’, which when it was said out loud, sounded like the French word for ‘S*it’.

Therefore Toyota had to change the name of the MR2 for the French market, soon after the cars launch.

Pre-launch research into what the name sounded like in other languages, could have saved the brand some embarrassment.

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Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing tips are based on my extensive experience of digital marketing, going back to the year 2000.

When Less is More

The current most popular platform to base websites on, is called WordPress.

There are two versions of WordPress (hosted by wordpress, and self hosted free open source software).

The version used for most websites, is the self hosted software.

What I mean by self hosted, is that you download the software from WordPress, and then install the software onto an internet server.

Once the software is on the internet server, it can be accessed via the internet, in the normal way (using a web browser).

So what (you may be asking) has this got to do with the subheading ‘ when less is more’.

Well within the basic WordPress platform, is the ability to add ‘plugins’.

Plugins are extra pieces of software, that are installed via the WordPress admin interface, to add functionality to WordPress.

An example of a plugin, is ‘Yoast SEO’, which is designed to improve the SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation), of the website.

The purpose of adding the Yoast plugin, is to improve the search Engine visibility, vis improved rankings (basically being in the early results, when someone types a search term).

The more plugins you add, tends to slow down the WordPress website, which is bad news.

The reason a slow website is bad news, is that google considers site loading speed, when its automatic algorithms are deciding which websites should appear first in searches.

Basically, a slower site means it will be penalised by google, compared with a fast loading website.

So therefore its essential to only install essential plugins, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ones.

Another factor that determines website speed, is hosting.

Hosting is the place that your web site code, is actually stored on the Internet.

Hosting providers own physical buildings, which contain what are known as ‘web servers’.

Web servers are basically computers, similar to the one you may have on a home of office desktop, but designed to efficiently send web pages over the Internet.

Web servers are what is known as ‘headless’, which means that they do not normally have any GUI (Graphical User Interface) attached, such as a monitor.

As they do not have a monitor, to display graphics and images, they can just run the server code.

Just running code without graphics, makes the server run faster, than if it was having to use some of its resources to provide graphics for humans.

Therefore web servers are very fast.

There are three main types of website hosting that you can use to host a website.

These are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Server

Shared Hosting is where your website is sharing a web server, with other websites.

The software installed on the shared server, keeps each website separate from each other.

Shared web hosting is an established technology, and is often the cheapest form of hosting.

The disadvantages are speed can be compromised, if other sites on the server are in high demand.

Web hosting companies do take steps to prevent popular websites from taking more than their fair share of resources, but slow sites are still a consideration.

The second type of web hosting is cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is quicker than shared hosting, as resources are spread across more than one server.

Cloud hosting is a newer technology that emerged a few years ago, and is now the most popular type of hosting for small business websites.

Cloud hosting resources can be quickly expanded, as and when needed by the website.

The third type of hosting, is a dedicated server.

A dedicated web server is the fastest, but also the most expensive hosting solution.

As the name suggests, a dedicated server provides exclusive access to the website owner.

Dedicated servers are fast, though the network it is attached to, also affects performance.

More digital marketing tips, will be added soon, so check back regularly.


Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing training for business employees, and business owners.

With a degree in Technology Marketing, and over 20 years experience in digital marketing, we help with business digital marketing training.


We can offer the skills of a former deputy head teacher in the education sector.

She is an expert in the correct use of grammar and the english language.

How To Start A Business For Free Online

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Dream Big!

How to Start a Business

Hate your job, and would really prefer to follow your passion? Then find out how to start a part time engineering business.

That’s exactly the situation that a lot of people find themselves in.

Fortunately there’s a solution to your frustration, starting a ‘side gig’ engineering business.

Its easier than ever with the growth of the Internet, and cheap or even free online marketing tools.

In the ‘olden days’ it was hard to start, or even find out how to start a new business.

It was also both expensive and more risky.

Expensive because you had to pay for adverts in the telephone directory (remember those), and the local newspaper.

This was also risky because you had to risk your own money ‘up front’, before you knew whether there was any interest in what your business offers.

Fortunately since the internet took off in the late 1990s, the barriers to entry have reduced drastically.

Defining your objectives

Defining why you want to start an engineering business is important.

Passion is important, in other words why are you starting your technology business.

Is your passion to make a million pounds in two years, or to help improve society.

People have lots of reasons for starting businesses, and it is important to be clear why you are doing it.

Will your business make your business make you jump out of bed in the morning, or get stressed out and demoralised?

The Legal Stuff

Whilst the rules and laws vary between countries, businesses normally require registration before trading.

The following business structures are from a UK perspective.

Sole Trader

A Sole Trader business structure is most popular for single person businesses.

In the UK you need to notify the HMRC when you start, but registration is simple.

Limited Company (Ltd)

A limited company is a separate legal entity to the ‘Director(s)’ that run the business.

This means that a limited company can own assets and also sue and be sued.

The advantages of a limited company is as the name suggests, that it has ‘limited liability’.

Therefore if the business collapses, and has debts, the assets of the directors are protected*

This means that creditors cannot come after the directors personal assets, such as cars and property**

The disadvantages of running a limited company are that it is more costly and complicated to start and run. This also results in higher accounting fees (if you employ an accountant).


A partnership is a business run by two separate individuals. This is popular in some business sectors, such as solicitors.

Public Limited Company (PLC)

A Public Limited Company, is a large organisation, whose shares are publicly traded on the Stock Exchange.

It is not the type of business that you would start up initially, but might consider if your business became large.

Business Strategy

The strategic aim of a business is to earn a return on capital, and if any particular case the return in the long run is not satisfactory, then the deficiency should be corrected or the activity abandoned for a more favorable one. – Alfred P. Sloan., My Years with General Motors.


As you are reading this article, because you want to start a business for free, lets look at the options.

Word of mouth is a great way to promote your new business for free.

There is a theory, called the seven steps of separation.

The theory is that you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone etc.

Basically if you want something, then the request has to go through seven people, until it reaches the right person.

Just because you are selling rocker cover refurbishment services, and your mum doesn’t need hers doing, she can be useful in telling someone else.

Even if your mum’s friend doensn’t need your services either, they hopefully will tell their friends.

So the first free marketing strategy, is to tell your family and friends, to spread the word widely, amongst their contacts.

Spreading the word through word of mouth, has the added benefit that when someone asks about a service your business can provide, people will remember you.

Younger readers might find the strategy of using offline promotional methods a bit strange.

This was however how things were often done by small business, in the pre-Internet days.

An example I could give you , is the 1993 Glastonbury Festival.

SLEPT Analysis

What is SLEPT analysis

SLEPT analysis is another tool that marketers can use to analyse the target market they are considering entering.

SLEPT analysis stands for Social, Legal, Economic, Political & Technological.

  • Social
  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Technological

Social refers to changes in consumer attitudes and preferences.

These will vary depending on the geographic market you are thinking of targeting.

For example, short dresses are not acceptable in some cultures, whereas they are in others.

It is important to consider what are the social ‘norms’ and preferences of the market you wish to enter (or are already in).

Legal refers to the laws that govern the product or service that you wish to sell.

What is legal will vary between country (India, USA etc).

Some laws in Europe are decided at a European level, by the European Union (EU).

An example is product certification (‘CE’ marked) in EU member states, which has a common set of rules across the EU.

This allows manufacturers to save costs by only having to ensure that their products conform to one standard.

The standard is then valid throughout the EU, rather than having to comply with different product standards for France, Germany, UK etc.

In the case of Europe, it is important to realise that not all laws are made by the EU body.

National laws differ amongst the member states of the EU.

For example, cars have to have their speedometer calibrated in MPH (Miles Per Hour). In the republic of Ireland it is in KPH (Kilometres Per Hour).

Economic factors to consider when undertaking a SLEPT analysis include literally can the people you want to sell to, actually afford your product.

What might be priced as an ordinary product in one part of the world, might be considered a luxury item elsewhere.

This is because of the differences in income levels of the average person, in different parts of the world.

Another economic consideration to be made, is the economy in the country or region, that you wish to market to.

Economies have ups and downs, commonly known as ‘the economic cycle’. This can occur at a national, regional or worldwide level.

Political events can have an impact on your businesses marketing strategy.

The Chinese mobile (cell) phone maker Huawei has recently been barred from certain Google services. This was due to a decision by the USA government.

Technological changes happen at a rapid pace, and you need to analyse both yourself and your competitors.

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