Engineering Marketing

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Engineering Marketing using video and photography, to promote your business.

Our creative engineering marketing experts, have one task, which is to help get more customers for your engineering business.

We work with the innovators, with change agents, and the sort of engineers that constantly challenge the status quo.

Marketing Management

We help with marketing management

Our experts not only have qualifications like a degree Technology Marketing from the University of Lincolnshire, but also over 30 years experience in engineering.

We wrote our first webpage using HTML language way back in 1997, and have been adapting and learning our strategies as internet marketing has evolved.

We evolved our strategy as online marketing has evolved over the years, and are constantly learning new skills.

Google is the main search engine, and updates its search algorithms on a regular basis.

This means that what worked one year with your online marketing, might not work the next.

Getting your online marketing strategy wrong can at best reduce your search engine visibility, and at worst getting your website ‘black listed’ by Google.

We are different to most marketing agencies, in that we specialise in Technology Marketing, and more specifically Engineering Marketing.

You may have heard of the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. Well for a truly effective marketing agency for your business, we believe they should have sector experience.

An example we saw online recently was a Google photo advert for a car repair service.

The advert asked the question, ‘when was the last time you changed your cambelt?’

The photo the agency had chosen to use with the text, showed an overhead valve engine, without a cambelt!

This detail error might only bother engineering geeks like us, but it demonstrates how choosing a engineering marketing company like ourselves makes sense.

One of the key rules of effective marketing theory, is to define your target market, and ours is SME Engineering Companies.

Engineering Specialist Knowledge

We started the business because we love engineering and marketing.

Our founder left school at 16 and studied electronics servicing for a year.

Afterwards he started an engineering industry training board apprenticeship.

Our in-house work experience includes:

Electrical engineering – we even taught marine engineers & NHS trainees how to do this

Mechanical engineering – we can even use a milling machine & a lathe

Telecommunications Engineering – we have worked for small radio communications companies, and also international Space telecommunications organisations

Electronic Engineering – our founder even has City & Guilds electronics servicing qualifications & industry experience at an embedded electronics development firm.

We truly believe your engineering company can succeed even more with our expert guidance & hard work.

Its human and natural to have some doubts as to whether you are the best in your field, and its our job to promote to your target customers that you are.

Relax, we are here to support your engineering marketing .


The strategic aim of a business is to earn a return on capital, and if any particular case the return in the long run is not satisfactory, then the deficiency should be corrected or the activity abandoned for a more favorable one. – Alfred P. Sloan., My Years with General Motors.

Video Filming & Production For Engineering Promotion

When it comes to producing video content, we have been doing it professionally since 2003, originally starting out using what was then the cutting edge Sony VX2000 & VX2100 digital camcorders.

Events filmed included dance concert performances, business documentaries, and even a Druid Hand Fasting on the Welsh Brecon Beacons.

Component Photography

Photography is a passion of the business, and in particular industrial machinery.

We believe that electronic components are actually rather beautiful.

This love of engineering components, coupled with our extensive knowledge and interest in engineering, makes us unique in the marketing industry.

Technical Writing

As we have worked in the engineering field, with experience going back to the 1980s, we understand the subtle technicalities of electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering systems.

Our staff have even worked in the Space Industry at what is now called Airbus Defence & Space, and have written military equipment operation instructions.

Therefore we understand what an antenna system Waveguide, and a Crankshaft pulley is. We can even operate a Lathe, and have welding qualifications!

Staff Digital Marketing Training

With many years of training experience within both the business marketing and also electronics and marine electrical sectors.

This not only allows us to understand the technical side of your business, but to be able to relate it directly to the digital marketing training.

Bold Ambition

We are one your side, and are one of your team, but without the cost.

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