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Digital Marketing Services

Mission Statement – Yesway Digital, is a Digital Marketing Agency, dedicated to promoting your business on the Internet. We work for you!

By choosing to join with Yesway Digital, you get a team that is totally 100% dedicated to promoting your business on the Internet, to get more enquiries & sales.

We excel in providing your online marketing because we not only have the marketing skills and qualifications, but a passion & knowledge of technology.

Our deep understanding of marketing, through degree study, as well as twenty years of experience, helps us ensure your business has an even brighter future, in terms of sales enquiries.

When you work with us, you will find you gain a team that really wants you to succeed even more, and will work damn hard to ensure you do.

Our first meeting will be at a location of your choice, or via video Skype. We will listen more than talk, to find out what your dreams, goals, and business objectives are.

Once we have a clear understanding of where you want your business to get to, we will work on the strategy.

The strategy firstly will establish your businesses current position in your market sector.

This will be done through comprehensive competitor analysis, using analytics software, to identify your competitors online strengths and weaknesses.

We also analyse their ‘offline’ advertising and promotional activities. This gives us a clearer picture of their strategies, so that we can effectively compete, and win you more business.

Once a clear picture of your competitors has been established, including their target market demographics, we work on the ‘Marketing Mix’.

Possible components of the Marketing Mix,  to promote your business include Online Videos about your business, Social Media advertising, as well as offline advertising.

You need to know how effective these strategies are working, and therefore everything we do for your business is analysed, and reported back.

This includes deep analysis of website visitors, their searches, and behaviors whilst visiting your company online.


Call: 0800 832 1618.

Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing put simply, is getting leads online, from people searching for your product or service.

What sort of leads, and how do you get them?

Depending on your marketing strategy aims, we can tailor your campaign to collect potential customers email addresses, phone numbers, or to phone you directly.

We can also produce secure online booking forms, that allow customers to book your services. This is particularly valuable for businesses, such as holiday cottage lets, or live festival events.

Another service we can offer is integration, and operation of live chat services on your website. This encourages potential customers the chance to ask questions in real time, and receive answers back. This helps the customer decide if the product is right for them, and builds trust in your brand.

Finally, another service that sets us apart is that we are able to set up geographic & freephone numbers for your business, which can be diverted to a number of your choice.

For example you may work in Doncaster, but wish to have a phone number in London, or even Dublin, or Berlin. We can integrate local numbers into your website, so that when a potential customer calls your London number, it is received at your Doncaster location, or even your mobile phone.

Where are you based?

We are based in the City of Lincoln, In the east of england, but are able to help businesses worldwide, get more business.

Therefore we are confident that we can offer you the best service, in all aspects of inbound marketing, to gain customers.

Do you want to gain competitive advantage?

Yes, then call:  0800 832 1618  now!

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Digital marketing agency based in Lincoln , UK, offering the full range of online marketing services including inbound marketing strategy and competitor analysis and website performance analytics


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